Monday, March 11, 2013

thanks for stopping by

Ciclofish is no more. Thank you for visiting the blog. I'm excited to be opening a new fly fishing and menswear shop in Minneapolis called Mend Provisions. I hope you'll check in with us over there.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

winter fly fishing in iowa

Minnesota and Wisconsin batten down the hatches at the end of September, so when tyin' flies ain't satisfying the urge, the closest place to legally wet a line is north-east Iowa. It's a two-and-a-half hour drive if you risk getting pulled over (which I did).
Iowa stocks their streams choc-full, so no need to feel guilty about keep'n some for dinner. In fact, if you don't stash a couple in your pack, it's just that many more the the guy in the caravan with the egg sack attached to his hook is going toss in his cooler.

cdc bwo

love this Davie pattern

Monday, October 15, 2012

it's not a fishing report if it's two months late

Went to Yellowstone Park and Livingston, Montana for a couple weeks in mid-August to Labor Day. The blog's been covered in cobwebs, so I thought I'd revisit the trip.
The water was low, there were fires everywhere, and the fishing was pretty average. There were a couple rivers that really outshone the rest, however, mostly 12-16 inch trout were caught.
We did a bit more touristy stuff than I normally would, even saw Old Faithful #yawn. Did a lot of prospecting for trout due to the conditions and certainly learned a few things:
  • Find cold water.
  • Foam hoppers suck a dick. Though it was the height of hopper season, I found that throwing a big caddis, stimulator, or, even a good ol' Adams was the ticket. The number of refusals I got to foam hoppers was crazy. and don't forget to tie a size 16-22 floating nymph off the back for bonus points.
  • Tying flies in a vise-grip by candle light is tricky
  • If you fish the Paradise Valley spring creeks, avoid Nelson's, unless you're a golfer #phony.
  • Be cautious of the wild herds of dumpsters in the campgrounds, they will fuck up your girlfriends car (yes, I was driving).
  • Montana Rib & Chop House has an excellent chicken fried steak, and $1 Ranier taps.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

glass clubs

Following up on the Sage Circa post, I thought we should talk about fiberglass fly rods for a minute. When glass hit the scene, it all but destroyed the bamboo rod market. When graphite came along, it did the same to glass.
It seems as many anglers work through their testosterone phase of "pounding the hogs", they're realizing that fly fishing isn't exactly an activity that demands cro-magnon sensibilities and that the slower tempo and increased fish-fighting-fun that glass brings to the table is worth re-examining. At the forefront of this somewhat underground revolution is Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto blog. If you think you want to get into the swing of glass, check Cameron out, he features a lot of very special rods from smaller builders on his page.
 I have been considering a new glass rod for some time and haven't been able to pull the trigger on the Scott F2 rod that I've been coveting, or even the Hardy glass rod at $200 less. I did, however, pick up a new old stock Orvis fiberglass rod off eBay about a month ago.
The problem with vintage glass rods is that most of them were junky 60's and 70's era crap with cheap metal ferrules and even shittier reel seats. This Orvis one at least has a moderately honest black anodized seat and foregoes the metal ferrules. I don't know when Orvis stopped hand-penning their name on their blanks (bamboo rods aside), but it sure adds a nice touch of class to the rod.