Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Next week I'm road tripping to Portland for the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show and Artcrank.  The Angry Catfish decided to come with me, which will make the drive a bit more tolerable, and the trip way more inebriated.  Once we're done with Pdx the Angry Catfish is back to Mpls, and it's up to Seattle (just because I'm so close), then back to Montana/Wyoming for some fly fishing in Yellowstone for me.
The bug supply has been depleted for some time, having not done much of any tying to speak of in the last couple years.  I decided to sit down and try to crank out some bugs I knew I would go through out west, namely lots of small nymphs, caddis flies and blue wing olives.  If you tie flies and fish a fair amount, you realize that flies you tie have to be of a certain quality to catch the trout, then there's the added attention to detail you put into tying them that's just for yourself.  I'd say I probably spend twice the necessary amount of time on each fly because of details that the fish will never notice.  Anyway, I felt like I got back into the rhythm fairly quickly, but I forgot how fast your eyes go blurry and your shoulders tighten up.  I have to take a break after every eight flies or so to recalibrate and I need a massage and a nap after about three hours at the vise.  I think I've managed to just about complete filling the empty spaces in the fly boxes, and I look forward to posting pictures of the huge cutthroat trout that probably won't get caught in a couple weeks...