Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm just too American

Rapha was nice enough to ship a few new Fall/Winter 2010 product samples into the Angry Catfish for us to use in the Style Derby fashion show.  As always, the Rapha stuff really gets me excited and there were a couple pieces in particular that caught my eye.  I snapped a few photos, although there are far better images over at the Rapha site.
Though I tend to be a fan of their more typical cycling wear and merino pieces, if you're into really stylish clothing designed to be at it's best on the bike, it's hard to argue against the Tweed Softshell.  The fabrics used are top notch with a great mix of heritage and technology:  There's quilted suede trim at the shoulder to protect the tweed against pilling from bag strap wear, and cleverly placed zip-pockets for your stash (whatever that may be).  For $700, I think I'd rather buy a tweed sportcoat from Ralph Lauren with a wind-tab at the neck and suede elbows.  I'd wear it on the bike, and look better off the bike than I would in the former.  To each their own, but I must say:  If you think it looks good on their site, you will not be disappointed when it shows up in your mailbox.

Jeans:  This is some Euro shit here.  I am a pretty big denim fan and I just could not get behind Rapha on these jeans.  Of course, when I think of jeans, I think of industrial workers, in British brogues, not discoteques and Italian loafers.  With optic pink taping where the selvedge edge is supposed to be and flat black studs a la Porsche Design where the copper rivets go, these jeans and I do not get along.  The fact is, if I'm wearing jeans when I ride a bike, I'll be spending most of my time off the bike and this is not how I want to look when I'm hanging out around town.  If, however, your current favorite pair of jeans are Rock & Republic or Versace, These are a definite upgrade.  I'll stick to Levi's and RRL.  Sorry, Rapha.  BTW:  What's with the white belt loop?

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