Monday, October 25, 2010


The Fall Tweed Ride took place in Minneapolis on Saturday night and, despite the impending rain in the forecast, about 40 dapperly dressed folks showed up on an array of bicycles, many vintage, some "ridewhatchugot". After a meet and greet/photo op at Kenwood Park, all donned their rides and headed southeast through Minneapolis to enjoy nostalgic camaraderie (and apparently inebriation, as it seemed that every tweed jacket came equipped with a flask) from the vantage point of two wheels.  The last of the group ended the night wringing out their woolens by the fire, as a downpour finally caught up to the group just as the pubs were sweeping everyone out the door for the evening.  Thanks to Carly Schoen for making this event happen, see you next fall!  pictures here

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

r l winston

The other day I visited the R. L. Winston Rod Company, which is situated about a hundred yards from the Beaverhead River in Twin Bridges, Montana.  I drove about two hours out of my way to find that it's an incredibly underwhelming facility to visit, matched in underwhelmingness only by the town of Twin Bridges itself.   It's one of those towns that, after way too many hours of windshield time, you'd drive right thru without even knowing it, if not for the the speed limit changing from 70 to 35 for the quarter mile long main street.
I've been fishing Winston rods since 1999 and find them to be the best in how they perform, as well as in their aesthetics.  When fly rod shopping, the shop employee will take you out to the parking lot where you can test cast the rods, he'll talk to you about rod "action", "tight loops" and "accurate presentation".  What you don't experience when casting in the parking lot is how the rod feels when a 16" trout strikes your size 20 trico spinner and you set the hook only to have your 7x tippet snap, as the trout heads for deep cover with a hook dangling from the side of it's lip.  You're left standing in three feet of cold water cursing under your breath (because he who swears, shall catch no fish), having spent the last 30 minutes in that spot trying to outwit the beast.  Anyway, the "soft tip" of Winston's rods won me over a long time ago.
If you're ever in Montana, do yourself a favor and skip the R. L. Winston factory tour, spend an extra hour on the river instead.  Check them out here though, and go see them the next time you pass a good fly shop.  Even if you don't fish, I guarantee it'll be an interesting experience.

el mac

he's just fucking awesome, view his blog here

The Humble and Sublime: recent works by EL MAC from ELMAC on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

artcrank pdx

The second annual Artcrank Portland was October 7, and the Angry Catfish and I were there for it along with the Portland bike community.  It took place at the Cleaners, a former dry cleaner on the corner in the Ace hotel building.  The Ace left the old dry cleaning sign up and now uses the space for shows.  Clad in windows along both sides,  it was obviously the place to be on Thursday as passers by saw Portlandians (I'm sure that's wrong, but it sounds so right to me) shoulder to shoulder inside trying not to spill their pints as they made their way through the show. Only in it's second year, it's not the epic event that the original Minneapolis Artcrank has become, but knowing Charles, it will soon be forced to move to a larger location to accommodate the crowds.  I met a lot of cool people and ran into a few of 612's ex-pats, as well as some PDX local cycle-celebs, you can see more photos from Artcrank here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


if you haven't seen the new jeremy
messersmith video for tatooine, then watch it now.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hufnagel at the Oregon Bicycle Show

I went to the Oregon handmade Bicycle Show pre-party last nite, and the show this morning.  I got to see some of my favorite builders from the Portland area including Jordan Hufnagel, who debuted his new branding, developed with his good friend and excellent designer Caleb Everitt.   I'm looking forward to visiting Jordan's studio on Monday, hopefully I'll get some good pix to share, until then there are a few more pix of Jordan's bikes and others on my flickr page.  

Monday, October 4, 2010

morning motivation

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.
this is the most beautiful 5 minutes you will have today.  now, go do something.