Wednesday, October 13, 2010

artcrank pdx

The second annual Artcrank Portland was October 7, and the Angry Catfish and I were there for it along with the Portland bike community.  It took place at the Cleaners, a former dry cleaner on the corner in the Ace hotel building.  The Ace left the old dry cleaning sign up and now uses the space for shows.  Clad in windows along both sides,  it was obviously the place to be on Thursday as passers by saw Portlandians (I'm sure that's wrong, but it sounds so right to me) shoulder to shoulder inside trying not to spill their pints as they made their way through the show. Only in it's second year, it's not the epic event that the original Minneapolis Artcrank has become, but knowing Charles, it will soon be forced to move to a larger location to accommodate the crowds.  I met a lot of cool people and ran into a few of 612's ex-pats, as well as some PDX local cycle-celebs, you can see more photos from Artcrank here

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