Monday, October 25, 2010


The Fall Tweed Ride took place in Minneapolis on Saturday night and, despite the impending rain in the forecast, about 40 dapperly dressed folks showed up on an array of bicycles, many vintage, some "ridewhatchugot". After a meet and greet/photo op at Kenwood Park, all donned their rides and headed southeast through Minneapolis to enjoy nostalgic camaraderie (and apparently inebriation, as it seemed that every tweed jacket came equipped with a flask) from the vantage point of two wheels.  The last of the group ended the night wringing out their woolens by the fire, as a downpour finally caught up to the group just as the pubs were sweeping everyone out the door for the evening.  Thanks to Carly Schoen for making this event happen, see you next fall!  pictures here

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