Monday, November 22, 2010

freeman transport

What do you do when you've driven 1200 miles to Missoula, Montana to fish but it's 15 degrees, snowing, and the winds are blowing 20 miles per hour?  Well, if you're heartier than me, you fish.  Me, I go visit the Freeman Transport office/showroom to interupt Benjamin's day while I get in some serious bicycle goods lust.
Freeman Transport is a small bicycle company that offices out of a back alley right in the heart of downtown Missoula, MT (as well as Minneapoils, MN) and they are cranking out a very few, very deliberate designs starting with one of the most inspired bicycles I've ever seen:  The Gravel Racer, with a shot-gun-blued finish and copper plated fork.  The bike breaks down into pieces that fit into a custom designed travel bag that gives the best luggage made a run for it's money.  They also dabble in American-made cycling accessories that take root more in heritage outerwear and leathergoods than the cycling industry, notable are their saddle bag and toe straps.  Most recently they have been building some gorgeous speed demons for the road and track with nearly vertical geometry and brilliant matte-finish paint schemes.  All their bikes are hand-made in the U.S.A., just like their accessories,  just like they should be.
Special thanks to Ben for graciously spending too much of his morning with me and showing off all kinds of cool stuff before I even had a chance to lift my jaw and ask about it.  INSPIRED.