Sunday, November 28, 2010

the murray

If you're ever looking for a place to call base camp on that epic fishing trip, or just heading across the top of the U.S. and need a town to crash in for the night, try to make it Livingston, MT.  At least for one night. 
There are many things to like about Livingston.  Of course, the Yellowstone river is right up there, as well as the world class spring creek fishing (even though you have to pay to fish on them).  There are, however, some great little rivers in the area that pour into the Yellowstone, and aren't solely private access (that's the only hint you get from me).
Fishing aside, the best reason to stay in Livingston is the Murray Hotel.  You will not get a better night's rest in a cooler hotel for under $80 a night, and as if walking into the stag-head infested parlour isn't enough to woo you, the Stockman Bar with your choice of a bloody prime-rib steak dinner or the world's best bacon cheeseburger is stumble-back-to-your-room-in-a-drunken-stuper close by.  As an added bonus:  Dan Bailey's fly shop is next door to the hotel and you're only a 50 mile drive from the north entrance to Yellowstone Park in Gardiner.  Go get yer grizz on!        

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