Friday, December 3, 2010

nice nite for a ride

I had that jug of Montana beer that needed to be delivered to the Angry Catfish bike shop so that I wouldn't drink it all by myself, and I sold my car yesterday, which meant I got to ride over in a nice snowfall.  I haven't prepped any of the bikes for winter specific riding yet, and as there was an icy base due to a recent storm, I decided the Retrotec 29er was best suited to the task without taking time for a tire change.  It was beautiful out, at least by Minnesota winter standards:  A light snowfall with temps in the mid 20s.
The beer got drank, a Mukluk got sold, fried cheesecurds were consumed, inappropriate comments were made.  Time to ride home.
In the few hours I was in the shop we must of gotten two more inches of snow and it was the dry, icy kind that rear wheel drive cars and bikes don't do so well in.  I managed the ten measley miles home, without traction control or studded tires, though it felt like 20 miles, uphill the whole way.  It turns out constantly focusing on trying not to fall over was a hell of an upper body work out too.  
I'm home now, a twenty mile commute turned into a work out, it feels good.  Hot cider time.   I think I'll wait 'til tomorrow to put the studded tires on.


  1. I'm very envious of your determination when it comes to winter biking! Good for you.

  2. What kind of goggles are those? Do they fit over your glasses well?

  3. They are from Portland Design Works, low tech military design. Got them from Angry Catfish Bicycles.