Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Back in the day (read 1989-1992) I used to spend a fair amount of time at the Kenwood Cyclery and The Alt lusting after mountain bikes that I couldn't afford, tops among those bikes were Ritcheys, Breezers, and Bridgestones. Times have changed, and none of those brands have much interest to me in their current incarnations, though Bridgestone is still producing some cool track stuff for the Asian market and their family tree extends to here and here but they no longer distribute to the USA.
Among the useless paraphernalia that I tend to collect, I recently acquired a Bridgestone quick release hub demonstration stand, these were produced  for shop employees to show their customers the proper way to use a wheel's quick release skewer. I have no idea when they were produced, or how many of them are out there, but my friend Hurl has been sitting on a couple of them for a while, and now he has one less. Thanks, Buddy!
If anyone has any detailed info on these things, please share.