Thursday, January 20, 2011


Mafac "Racer" brakes (the word 'racer' just looks right in italics) were the shit back in the '50s. They often get a bad rap, but it's because brake levers sucked back then. These things worked and still do, they are very adjustable by varying the straddle cable length and they have room for wide tires and fenders.  This front one is going on my cafe/bar bike, I may even add a rear brake just to use the set. If you feel like throwing around some dough, go get the Paul version, they are sublime. His canti brakes (also based on an original Mafac design) are the best cyclocross brakes ever made, despite the euro-trash versions that everyone seems so keen on these days.

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  1. your cafe/bar bike will look sublime on your Audi's roofrack, parked at the cafe/bar.... s.w.a.k.