Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The 4 on the Floor's new album, 4x4 is now available on iTunes, although you should already know that. They're recording a session for The Current's Local Show, playing the Turf Club Friday nite and then they hit the road headed east, followed by SXSW. Later this summer they go west with The Evening Rig, another Minneapolis band you need to know about.
Anyway, if you haven't heard them on the radio yet, go check them out, and buy their record (cd, download, whatever).


This. This is really high on the list.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


What happens when the bicycle industry gathers in Minneapolis for the weekend and you offer them free beer and shitty food? The Cutter's Ball, part duh. All the hipsters within cycling distance converged on the Peacock Groove bicycle production warehouse and annihilated it. They even drank the Moosehead Light Lime. Ughh.

top row: Angry Catfish hipsters+badass chicks. Dr. Noren, the hostess. Ben+Dave+Karl of the beards
bottom row: Randall of the veggies, the Stuper Bowl stuper podium. A Peacock Groove.


I was in Las Vegas for the MAGIC convention this past week (I'll save my thoughts about Las Vegas for another time). Although "magic" combined with "Las Vegas" likely makes you think of some fucked-up David Blaine illusion, MAGIC is actually the trade show for clothing people (sort of an Interbike for fashion). By trade show I mean crazy fucking swamp of textiles that you wade through for three days hoping to come out of with the feeling that you've set yourself and your clothing business up for success  in the upcoming months. Good luck with that.
For me, however, it was a chance to see what was happening this fall in menswear that looked inspiring. I saw a lot of stuff that I'd wear from the likes of Woolrich, Levi's and Spiewak to name a few, but most of the stuff I saw was either too douchey for my taste or simply reminded me of Ralph Lauren from 15 years ago. It seems that we've gotten to a place in time where the fashion cycle is circling itself so eagerly that things are coming back into style before the people in the suburbs have stopped wearing the originals.
The most excited I got all week was when I happened upon the women's Lucchese booth. Now, I'm not a cowboy, not even in the loosest definition of the word, however, I love denim. And if you truly love denim and you don't, at the very least, appreciate cowboy boots, then I don't even want to hear your opinion on the topic of blue jeans. 
The Lucchese boot company out of San Antonio, Texas makes some of the best boots around, and has been since 1883. Next time you happen by a western store check them out, actually, just look at their boot wall, the ones you are drawn to will likely be made by Lucchese.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is rapidly approaching. I've had the pleasure of attending the last couple of years and now that it's going to be somewhere warm, it doesn't look like I'm going to make it. The bottom line: If you want to see the best bicycles in the world, go to Austin, Texas, February 25th-27th. Eat some Tex-Mex, listen to some great music and get to know the guy that's going to build your next dream bike.
Above: The Bilenky booth from last year. 
Below: Cielo touring, Black Sheep custom headbadge, Rapha/Speedvagen CX team kit (didn't happen), Black Sheep with big wheels, lavender Speedvagen, Courage track dropout. All from the last two years of NAHBS.