Thursday, March 17, 2011

trout season

The forecast said it was going to be 50+° on Wednesday and it wouldn't be long before the snow melt turned the rivers in to chocolate milk, so it was time to start fishing. Packed the gear and an hour later I was in River Falls, Wisconsin. Fishing license secured, I hit the Kinnickinnic River and hiked downstream below the dam. The water was as clear and low as I could have hoped and I immediately noticed small trout rising regularly through the tails and edges of runs. I decided to start with a small nymph double rig, fished unweighted, mid-depth, thinking that the trout were looking up and there were plenty of emerging bugs in the water. 
It wasn't more than ten minutes later and I was tight to my first fish of the season, a six-inch brook trout. It was small, sure, but I can't help to think starting the season with a brookie (in a brown trout stream) is a sign of good things to come. As I fished the next few hours, it was all browns caught mostly on a caddis larvae imitation I created and that I find to be particularly effective pretty much everywhere. My timing was right, and at the end of the day I had caught well over a dozen trout of larger than average size to start my season, an indicator of good fishing ahead? 

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