Tuesday, April 26, 2011

if it ain't chartreuse

it ain't no use. 
That's what the guide that I was sitting next to at Kettle House Brewery said when I told him this was my go-to fly. Here's a tip I shouldn't be willing to share: When nymph fishing, whatever fly you choose, tie one of these off the back about 10 inches behind. Whether you are in Minnesota or Montana, it's gonna be the bug the big fish eat. You're welcome. *not actual size*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

did someone say fashion week? kirk miller in nyc

I remember Kirk Miller walking into the Minneapolis store I worked in with his father, Frank. He was just a teen, but you could tell he and brother, Derreck, followed in Dad's footsteps of appreciating the finer things even back then.
The Miller boys have been quietly putting their mark on menswear for a while. I remember being jealous of the idea of putting skull & crossbone perforations on the toe of wing tip shoes as they did with Barker Black (this was way back before skulls and crossbones were totally played out).
I was perusing the ACL blog today and came across their article on Kirk's new venture: Miller's Oath, check the article out here.
Way to go, Kirk.
photo borrowed from A Continuous Lean

keep curtis weird

I didn't get to join my friends in Austin, TX for NAHBS this year, but they thought of me, which is quite impressive. They went out of their way to secure me this Austin inspired t-shirt from one of my fave builders Curtis Inglis
I've been enjoying the Retrotec 29er 1x10 Curtis built me for a year and I'm looking forward to enjoying it in some dry, snow free weather again very soon.
Special thanks to Curtis for tracking the shirt down for me.

angry catfish bike+style+social

This happened Sunday afternoon at the Angry Catfish
Free tastings of Intelligentsia coffees were poured and Spring bike style was on view from Rapha, Outlier, SwrveChrome and Mission Workshop. It all culminated in the viewing of the Rapha Continental video, enough inspiration to make anyone want to go for a ride. 
That's what we did next, winding the nite down with a mellow bicycle pub crawl through The University's east bank and downtown. No one got hurt too bad, although, there was one guy who decided to jump a curb and forgot he was rock'n fixed when he, uhhh, landed? (he's from Fargo). He got up though. 


It's a 4:20 kinda day in the 612. This is the view of my back yard this morning.