Monday, July 25, 2011

pink im6. yeah, this is happening.

I bought a pink fly rod blank and admitting it feels kinda like I'm admitting my substance abuse problem for the first time. I was feeling like building a rod and I needed a 10 foot seven weight for steelhead fishing. While looking for a blank, I came across this. It's a seven foot, three weight, 2 piece blank and it's really pink.
Last night I installed the reel seat and cork grip, now I need to get the guides placed, wrapped and epoxied, and of course, fish with it.
In actuality I have no need for this rod, I really bought the blank for a couple reasons: It'll be good to build a practice rod before I put together my seven weight (I refinished a bamboo rod about ten years ago and haven't built one since then). Secondly, more and more people have been asking me to take them out fishing and more of those people are women. I thought it'd be nice to have an inexpensive guiding rod with a little feminine appeal.
Building a graphite fly rod can vary in price quite a bit with the rod blank sort of setting the tone. You can buy a $300 blank or spend as little as $25. If you spend $300, you're not likely to skimp on the other components and will end up with a $500 rod, I will have $100 into this rod when it's done. I could have done it for less, but I couldn't bring myself to put a cheap clunky reel seat on it so I went to REC and bought a really nice reel seat.
I don't expect this to be the best fishing rod, but it's going to be used by beginners anyway, although, I have to say I'm kinda looking forward to fishing it myself.
Fair warning: If you ask me to take you fishing, you may find yourself casting a pink fly rod in rural places where they give meaning to that sort of behavior...

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