Monday, August 22, 2011

rush river, wisconsin

With summer highs still reaching for 90 degrees, I knew I had to get to the river early if I wanted to cast to rising fish. I set my alarm for 5 a.m. knowing I wouldn't get out of bed. I managed to get vertical at around 6, made coffee, tied a few flies (the boxes are getting thin), got my shit together and hit the road.
When I arrived at the river (I think the town is Martel but I'm not sure, these towns are tiny and they all look the same: farms, a gas station, two bars and one church) there were three cars in the gravel pull off. I hadn't fished that spot this season and was looking forward to it. After cursing under my breath, I drove a mile to the next bridge: two cars, fuck! Third choice: I pull off the road at the park and gear up.
I get to the water and start lining my rod to the sound of pretty splashy rises from trout that are big enough to know better. Baetis are coming off the surface pretty heavily and before I know it I've caught more trout than I can keep track of and I've only covered maybe 300 yards of water. Once my last size 16 bwo decided it wouldn't float any longer, I reeled in and called it a day only five hours in.
No monsters today, but a nice mix of browns and brookies. The fly of the day was a baetis pattern I created: tail: barred wood duck split into a V, abdomen: light olive thread with brown thread wrap, thorax: peacock herl, wing: barred wood duck, hackle: dark dun.

Monday, August 1, 2011

4onthefloor x daytrotter

There's a new Daytrotter recording from 4 on the Floor. Check out their cover of Smokestack Lightning, it will blow your mind. For the record, their artwork doesn't do BD1's beard justice, but the thought of it shaking hands with Jim Morrison's beard will eternally make me smile. Check it here