Thursday, September 15, 2011

cross clinchers/tubeless: success

Josh decided to join me at the river bottom down by Sibley House for the tubeless clincher test run. Which, I must say was a resounding success. The ride, however, was a bit of a trudge. There was sand, lots of it. Fine, soft sand and we managed to stay on our bikes for the first couple of sections, giving me a small sense of accomplishment, but it wouldn't fucking stop. *Note that our bikes are standing on their own in the middle of the trail* I did go down in it once when I couldn't unclip from my pedal and I almost stayed on the ground, it was so soft and deep it was like landing on a feather bed, all I needed was my pillow. By the time we got to the back side of the trail I stopped even trying to go through it, I saw it coming and just got off the bike resigned to hike. 

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