Tuesday, September 6, 2011

cyclocross season: git'er purdy, git'er dirty

The weather changed from summer to fall literally overnight and seems to have instantly made cyclocross the only topic of interest in the Minneapolis cycling community.
My cross bike has been sitting in the spare bedroom covered in dry dirt with no kit on it for a few months now and it seems the time has come to bring it back to life. So, as an obsessive-compulsive type, I take it out back and give it the once over in this order:
-remove every last little bolt, washer and screw.
-scrub it down so there's not a spec of last season left on it.
-frame save the seat tube (being an IF that's the only tube I have to worry about).
-put a nice thick coat of wax on it, let it dry, buff it out.
-install shiny new kit.
Now I just have to take it down to the river bottom and get it dirty...
BTW: The Curt Goodrich team were at the Angry Catfish for coffee the other morning and said there was plenty of sand at the river, so plan on getting in a shoulder workout. Don't forget to practice your Rocky the Flying Squirrel either.
If you're interested in giving your road bike the full-fish treatment before you put it away for the year, stop by the Angry Catfish, they'll be glad to treat your bike better than their own.
Next up: The road bike:

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  1. Sweet! I found your blog because of the flyfishing, and turns out I painted your cross bike. Nice!