Thursday, September 22, 2011

ending the season on a high note

The trout fishing season comes to an official halt for Minnesota and Wisconsin this weekend and I was fortunate to get out one more time. I chose El Paso, Wisconsin for my last cold day on the water, 50ish degrees, and it felt colder standing in the river. I landed my best brookies of the season on a pheasant tail wet fly fished dead drift style through a 2-3 foot deep riffle. About 1pm a light drizzle got the trout to nosing up and I landed one of my better browns as he was masquerading as an 8 incher. He was hanging out opposite the food channel in front of a small bush in no more than a foot of calm, still water. I tied a size 20 baetis to 4 feet of 7x tippet and it took exactly one cast. That's the way the season should close.

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