Monday, October 31, 2011

jordan hufnagel is destroying my mind, again

It's not enough that his bikes are some of the nicest things out there that I can't afford, now he has to go and make these sweet parts. What a jerk. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

tweed ride... and imbibing

The 2011 Minneapolis Tweed Ride is in the books. T'was as beautiful an evening as we could have asked for the fifty-ish participants that included many first time tweedies. Once again our hostess, Carly, treated us to an entertaining tour of Minneapolis' finest pubs and eateries. Though I found myself soaked by the ale and too content to leave my barstool and complete the party route that terminated with the group sweating through their woolens at the Hot Pants dance party at Nomad World Pub, I managed to snap off a few blurry pics prior to weaving my bicycle home for the night.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

it's pheasant season

I'm not much of a hunter, so I rely on some awesome friends for my winter fly tying rations. I received my first batch of feathers today over coffee, and just spent the last hour prepping and separating them into little batches.
Thanks in advance to all my other hunter friends, I sincerely hope your side-by-side shoots straight and your retriever has a soft mouth.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this is not custom

I love a trim fitting coat as much as the next New York Wall Street hipster guy. After all, the sure sign of a good custom jacket is a small armhole that was obviously built around your frame allowing the arm to swing with your movement and not disrupt the rest of your coat in the process. But...
I found this pic of a Michael Bastian for Gant sport coat on the web and thought I'd share with you all the stress points that are going to lead to this coats' failure well before its' time. Michael is a men's wear icon, but please, let's not encourage people do do this, it's as bad as wearing that old '80's oversized Armani shit. You could argue that if the seams are taped and the fabric has enough give, over time, it will become a custom looking piece, but, please, don't.
This guy is definitely not wearing this coat to a shooting party at the country estate this weekend, I don't think he can get his arm beyond his waist.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

i'd eat this bug. i mean, if i were a trout

I can watch Davie McPhail tie flies all day long. This is a great example of how his flies are super precise, yet still very "buggy" looking. The more I tie, the less I like super perfect looking flies. Yes, there are times on super still water over finicky trout that you need the catalogue cover shot quality flies (and he can tie those too), but on most days you need a good silhouette and the appearance of movement from your bug, Davie kills it.