Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I don't know that I have an opinion on the issue, however, if I were hard enough to kick ass at the SSCXWC I know I'd sure as fuck get in writing. Whatever your opinion, this is FUNNY:

All the deets over at Hodala

$11 well spent

I love tools, especially bike tools, most especially old, out of production bike tools that serve no current purpose and have "Campagnolo" stamped into them.
The very first bike tool I fell in love with is the original Ritchey CPR. Mainly because it said "Ritchey" on it, but at the time it was a solid multi-tool that took up minimal space. Having spent years buying and selling bicycle multi-tools from the dense forest of over designed tools at the bike shops I both purchased from and sold out of, I have this to say about the multi-tool: Less is more. That being said, I have found the MT-1 to be the underwhelmingly best all-round tool to have with me on a daily riding basis. No, it doesn't do everything (most tools that claim to don't actually do everything anyway), but this covers the emergency bases pretty well, with the caveat that on a fixie you'll still need a 15mm wrench, mountain biking you'll prolly want a chain tool, and if you ride a Schwinn, you're fucked.

foto borrowed from Park Tools

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

display table

I found an old steel table frame at a local antique store last week and knew it would make a great industrial looking display table/workbench. After a day of stripping it of its' mustard yellow paint, and another day of glueing cedar wood strips together followed by painting, sanding, oiling, waxing, and the general destruction of a new wood top in an effort to make it look old: I have a new display table.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011