Tuesday, December 6, 2011

don't bring your kids here, it's game over

Sipping Dry trailer from Sharptail Media on Vimeo.

lo fi fly kills

Before you read the following paragraph, note that GT stands for Gran Turismo, and in this instance it's  referencing a fish, a very fast one known as a bonefish:
"I am bat shit crazy about GT’s and when I git me one I am gonna shmash em right in the face and make a pair of boots outta him…GT Gumboots….and you will all write in and want me to make a store so that you can buy a pair to prance about, dance & leap in. You, in a pair of LO FI GT GUMBOOTS running through the forest like a gazelle with a knife in hand on the hunt for an animal to kill and skin so that you can make a pair of pants to wear with them. Yes you just fucking read that."
If you read the Lo Fi Fly blog, that's what you're gonna get and it's pretty fucking awesome. I think you should check 'em out.
*foto blatantly stolen from LoFiFly