Tuesday, March 20, 2012

let the spring run begin, or, that effing John Gierach

I sat down at the table in the local bar and for the first time ever the waitress came up to me and told me what I wanted to drink. Now, I would never describe myself as a "regular", though I have made a habit of taking advantage of their happy hour pretty regularly lately. I'm sure the real reason she immediately knew my order was the fact that the moment I sat down I opened a book (as I do every time I sit down at this bar between 3p and 5p on a random weekday), and they don't necessarily attract a literary crowd.                                                         
Today, over Blackthorn Cider and fried cheese, John Gierach started in on steelhead, which has led to my making a mental inventory of fishing gear that will need to be packed into the car for tomorrow's drive to Duluth. Recent reports have the Steelhead staging and waiting for the rain that should make the water high enough for their run and I figure I've got as good a chance of not catching anything tomorrow as I would if I were to wait til the timing was just right. 


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  2. That looks like to shitty a reel to be using.