Monday, April 9, 2012

steelheading: that was fun?

To follow up on the last post, I did indeed drive north of Duluth for some early spring steelhead fishing, or, I stood knee deep in a big lake watching other people do nothing for two days.
It's an incredibly mind numbing sport and in the 14 hours I spent freezing my ass off, I saw one person catch a fish.
It was not a big fish.
I spent the night in "the cabin" as I refer to the back end of the old Audi. It's surprisingly comfy, however, the key is to be sure I park it on a level street. As someone who regularly sets up a tent, you'd think this would be obvious, but the first time I tried it I ended up having to get up an hour into my sleep, put on shoes and a jacket so I could move the car in the pouring rain to get the blood to flow back into my feet.