Saturday, July 28, 2012

glass clubs

Following up on the Sage Circa post, I thought we should talk about fiberglass fly rods for a minute. When glass hit the scene, it all but destroyed the bamboo rod market. When graphite came along, it did the same to glass.
It seems as many anglers work through their testosterone phase of "pounding the hogs", they're realizing that fly fishing isn't exactly an activity that demands cro-magnon sensibilities and that the slower tempo and increased fish-fighting-fun that glass brings to the table is worth re-examining. At the forefront of this somewhat underground revolution is Cameron Mortenson of The Fiberglass Manifesto blog. If you think you want to get into the swing of glass, check Cameron out, he features a lot of very special rods from smaller builders on his page.
 I have been considering a new glass rod for some time and haven't been able to pull the trigger on the Scott F2 rod that I've been coveting, or even the Hardy glass rod at $200 less. I did, however, pick up a new old stock Orvis fiberglass rod off eBay about a month ago.
The problem with vintage glass rods is that most of them were junky 60's and 70's era crap with cheap metal ferrules and even shittier reel seats. This Orvis one at least has a moderately honest black anodized seat and foregoes the metal ferrules. I don't know when Orvis stopped hand-penning their name on their blanks (bamboo rods aside), but it sure adds a nice touch of class to the rod.

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