Monday, October 15, 2012

it's not a fishing report if it's two months late

Went to Yellowstone Park and Livingston, Montana for a couple weeks in mid-August to Labor Day. The blog's been covered in cobwebs, so I thought I'd revisit the trip.
The water was low, there were fires everywhere, and the fishing was pretty average. There were a couple rivers that really outshone the rest, however, mostly 12-16 inch trout were caught.
We did a bit more touristy stuff than I normally would, even saw Old Faithful #yawn. Did a lot of prospecting for trout due to the conditions and certainly learned a few things:
  • Find cold water.
  • Foam hoppers suck a dick. Though it was the height of hopper season, I found that throwing a big caddis, stimulator, or, even a good ol' Adams was the ticket. The number of refusals I got to foam hoppers was crazy. and don't forget to tie a size 16-22 floating nymph off the back for bonus points.
  • Tying flies in a vise-grip by candle light is tricky
  • If you fish the Paradise Valley spring creeks, avoid Nelson's, unless you're a golfer #phony.
  • Be cautious of the wild herds of dumpsters in the campgrounds, they will fuck up your girlfriends car (yes, I was driving).
  • Montana Rib & Chop House has an excellent chicken fried steak, and $1 Ranier taps.